ATMS: Best Maritime Training Software

Whether a shipping company is providing commercial, recreation or the military services, they must comply with strict regulatory compliance requirements, including the IMDG Code. ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) for Maritime is today's best maritime training software designed to simplify recurrent regulatory compliance training and recordkeeping for key roles in the shipping industry such as: deck crews responsible for managing navigation and handling cargo; ship engineers responsible for propulsion, maintenance and management; and steward/hotel employees responsible for food services, sanitation, and accommodations.

  • Flexible with a built-in LMS for maritime employees for simplified eLearning delivery with real-time progress tracking from anywhere
  • Streamlines maritime employee and ocean freight transportation training a fully-integrated platform to manage the entire training process.
  • Optimizes maritime training quality, time and cost through customized course development.

Discover Today's Best Maritime Training Software

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